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We discuss fatherhood with my brother-in-law and nephew, Grover and Cameron Alford. Cameron is a great example of the kind of man many parents hope their sons will grow up to be. He was an excellent student in high school and college, avoided a lot of the trouble that keeps parents up at night and is well-grounded in his faith. I talk with Grover to try to understand what he did as man to raise his son to be a Godly man. I also want to hear about some of the mistakes he made so that we can avoid them. Cameron also provide his thoughts on Grover as a father and what happened that allowed him to open up to his father and have great conversations about relationships and other things teenagers usually avoid sharing with their parents.

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Resource of the Week

My favorite resource for the week is the article "3 Ways Dads Can Have More Meaningful Conversations with Our kids" by Jackie Bledsoe. According to the article, average dads spend only 14 seconds of meaningful conversation with each kid on a daily basis. If you want to to be more than just physically present, read this article to learn how to have meaningful conversation with your children.

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