3 Ways You Are Destroying Your Organization
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This week, we will discuss the top 3 ways you are destroying your organization. I've seen many organizations, including churches, men's groups and other organizations fall apart because they were not able or willing to overcome these obstacles. I have also been apart of successful and thriving organizations, so I share my observations on how to turn things around, if you see your group heading towards destruction.

Show Notes

Resource of the Week

My favorite resource for the week is the book No Man Left Behind: How to Build and Sustain a Thriving, Disciple-Making Ministry for Every Man in Your Church by by Patrick Morley, David Delk and Brett Clemmer. “You’ve got men, you’ve got a church. Add a testimony, some pancakes, a prayer, and—poof!—a men’s ministry. Right?”

No! But sadly, this is the paint by numbers approach many of us follow to building our Men's Ministries.

No Man Left Behind is the blueprint for growing a thriving men's ministry that has the power to rebuild the church as we know it, pulling men off the couch and into active involvement as part of the body of Christ. This book is the basis for many training programs, and I use it often as a reference guide. Check out this book if you truly want to disciple men in your church.

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